photo of owner, Kimber De Martin

“There’s a secret behind signs that attract customers: Effective design. The type of sign, where it’s placed, font choices, colors, layout – all these elements have to work together to create the right look for your event or business. I’ll make sure you stand out to the people you want to notice you.”

– Kimber De Martin

It’s always refreshing -and often surprising – when in the course of getting our work done, we encounter someone who makes our job easier, our lives more pleasant, and who we sense right away is really there to help us.

What customers get

For over a decade, Kimber has been creating the highest quality banners and signs for every type of local business and community organization: florists, hair salons, churches, schools, restaurants and more.

Customers like the Yacht Harbor, Cabrillo College and the Shadowbrook rave about Kimber’s creativity and attention to detail, and the fact that – yes! – she even makes house calls and deliveries with no extra charge. That kind of personalized service in the sign business is pretty much unheard of these days and her customers will testify to that.

Meet Kimber De Martin

Kimber De Martin is the authority in the business of getting noticed. A seasoned graphic designer and sign specialist, local businesses in Santa Cruz and Fresno Counties rely on her fast turnaround and appreciate her eco-friendly materials and non-toxic inks. Her beautiful signs and banners are durable and withstand every kind of weather. But what Kimber’s clients appreciate most is her unusual brand of customer service. Kimber makes housecalls. She actually goes to her customer’s place of business and helps them figure out exactly what they need, making sure it will fit with their décor and environment. And then she delivers the final product to their doorstep.

Sign Authority serves these counties, cities, and institutions near you:

Santa Cruz County, Santa Cruz, Soquel, Scotts Valley, Capitola, Felton, Watsonville, Aptos, UCSC, Cabrillo College, Fresno, and Clovis.

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